'Milk, Nutritious by Nature’ is an information initiative from the European Milk Forum (EMF) addressing science based issues on dairy and health and engaging in a dialogue with health and nutrition professionals.

Programme Information

“Milk Nutritious by Nature” is a European information initiative addressing nutrition and health issues.

The initiative’s objective is to disseminate relevant information and create a dialogue with key stakeholders such as high level scientists, health professionals, policy makers and journalists in relation to the nutrient richness and health impact of milk and dairy products and how those nutrients and other components come together in the dairy matrix to exert their beneficial effects.

The aim is to build a clearer understanding of the role of milk and dairy products in a healthy, balanced diet across Europe.

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Milk facts

Milk and dairy food have been an important part of the European diet and food culture for generations. They are naturally rich sources of a wide range of nutrients and make a significant contribution to nutrient intakes and diet quality.

Milk and dairy foods have also been linked to a variety of health impacts including better bone health, lower blood pressure and weight control, as well as a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer. They also have a role in sports nutrition and in helping to maintain muscle mass and function in older people.

This section summarises the scientific evidence of what makes Milk Nutritious by Nature.

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Member countries:


AMA, Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing

”Being part of EMF's "Milk Nutritious by Nature" initiative gives a small country like Austria access to a broad European network. The fruitful exchange of ideas, the insight into other countries’ practices and the joint initiatives are beneficial to all members.”



VLAM, Flanders’Agricultural Marketing Board

BCZ- CBL, Confédération Belge de l’Industrie laitière

”Working together within the EMF "Milk Nutritious by Nature" information programme allows us to join forces to facilitate the dialogue with health stakeholders on the role of milk and dairy as part of a healthy diet. The great advantage of successful cooperation between the different EMF member countries is that it allows us to share ideas, new insights, know-how and experiences.”






DDB, Danish Dairy Board

“The Danish Dairy Board really appreciates collaborating with our European colleagues in the "Milk Nutritious by Nature" project. The common project enables us to join forces in important areas, and together we are able to initiate bigger projects than we can do as single countries. Also, the sharing of knowledge and experience is very valuable for us.”



CNIEL, French Dairy Inter-branch Organisation

”For CNIEL, membership with the EMF "Milk Nutritious by Nature" initiative provides a new approach on how to communicate on the goodness of dairy in an open and connected world. The large variety of cultural habits, food patterns and points of view present in EMF member countries is an asset. It leads to innovative ideas and insights: we constantly take inspiration from each other.”






NDC, the National Dairy Council

”The National Dairy Council welcomes a pan European approach to promote the health benefits of milk and dairy products. This approach adopted by the EMF "Milk Nutritious by Nature" initiative results in health stakeholders across Europe learning about the benefits of dairy as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle. The shared learnings & efficiency of expenditure makes the EMF model extremely attractive from an NDC perspective as we work together on common goals and objectives.”


The Netherlands

NZO, Dutch Dairy Association


Northern Ireland

DCNI, the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland

“The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland values being part of the EMF "Milk Nutritious by Nature" programme and working with other member countries to communicate the health benefits of milk and dairy products across Europe. The science-based initiative has helped to facilitate a closer working relationship with health stakeholders and raise awareness of dairy’s place in a balanced diet in Europe.”



Norwegian Dairy Council

”We at the Norwegian Dairy Council find it rewarding to be part of the EMF "Milk Nutritious by Nature" initiative for main two reasons: firstly, we are part of a network facing the same market opportunities and challenges. Together we can discuss these issues and learn from one another. Secondly, joint activities are helping us to spread the important message about nutrient rich dairy products to common target audiences.”


ESPEN Congress 2023
EMF Satellite Symposium with Expert Panel

13 September 2023 – 11:45 BST / 12:45 CEST

Fighting fractures and falls with food: from science to practice

Preventing fractures, falls and malnutrition - results of a dairy intervention trial for older people in residential care
Dr Sandra Iuliano (Australia)

Expert panel – implications and opportunities for food-based approaches for older people in residential care and beyond

Dr Sandra Iuliano (Australia), Niamh Rice (Ireland), Prof Patrice Fardellone (France)
Prof Marian de van der Schueren (Netherlands)

Moderator: Prof Emeir McSorley (Northern Ireland)

EFAD Webinar

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An interview with Dr Sandra Iuliano by Prof David J Armstrong

Preventing fractures and falls in older adults in residential care homes by improving dairy consumption

On behalf of the European Milk Forum, Professor David J Armstrong interviewed Dr Sandra Iuliano about her landmark study, which showed that providing extra dairy foods to older people in residential care could significantly reduce fractures and falls.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal, found that the extra dairy was associated with a 33% reduction in all fractures, 46% reduction in hip fractures and an 11% in falls.

An interview with Dr Sandra Iuliano by Prof David J Armstrong

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EuGMS Congress 2022
Lunchtime Satellite Symposium on behalf of EMF

30 September 2022 – 12:00 – 13:30 CEST / 13:00 – 14:30 BST

A focus on food: effective nutritional approaches to improve musculoskeletal health in older people.

Fractures and falls - prevention through food. Results of a dairy intervention trial for older people in residential care Dr Sandra Iuliano, University of Melbourne

Muscle health and sarcopenia in the ageing population - the benefits and practical challenges of an intervention combining dietary protein and exercise Dr Berber Dorhout, Wageningen University

Chair: Prof David J Armstrong, Consultant Rheumatologist and Osteoporosis Lead WHSCT Northern Ireland and Visiting Chair, Ulster University

EFAD Webinar

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Food Matrix Effect Video
The matrix effect of food: a new direction for nutrition

As nutrition science evolves, we are learning more and more about the food matrix effect and its importance in understanding the impact that food has on our health. The dairy matrix is one of the best researched examples of the food matrix effect, with beneficial matrix effects established for cardiometabolic health, body composition and bone health. 

This video explores the food matrix concept – a new direction in nutrition science that is causing us to rethink how we evaluate the health effects of food beyond the individual nutrients they contain.

Food Matrix Effect Video

Watch the food matrix video >

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