Milk, Nutritious by Nature’ is an information initiative from the European Milk Forum (EMF) adressing science based issues on dairy and health and engaging the dialogue with health and nutrition professionals.

Initiative info

“Milk Nutritious by Nature” is a European information initiative addressing nutrition and health issues, self-financed by EMF member countries.

The inititiave’s objective is to raise awareness of the nutritional benefits of milk to ensure that milk and dairy products remain part of our food patterns and a healthy, balanced diet across Europe

The initiative is the backbone of EMF. It is directed at key stakeholders such as high level scientists, health professionals, policy makers and journalists to communicate about the nutrient richness of milk and dairy foods and, importantly, how those nutrients and other components come together in the dairy matrix to exert their beneficial effects.

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Milk facts

Milk and dairy food have been an important part of the European diet and food culture for generations. They are naturally rich sources of a wide range of nutrients and make a significant contribution to nutrient intakes and diet quality.

Milk and dairy foods have also been linked to a variety of health impacts including better bone health, lower blood pressure and weight control, as well as a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer. They also have a role in sports nutrition and in helping to maintain muscle mass and function in older people.

These milk and facts summarise the scientific evidence of what makes Milk Nutritious by Nature.

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Member countries:


AMA, Agrarmarkt Austria MarketingMargret Zeiler



VLAM, Flanders’Agricultural Marketing Board

BCZ- CBL, Confédération Belge de l’Industrie laitière




DDB, Danish Dairy Board



”For CNIEL, membership with the EMF "Milk Nutritious by Nature" initiative provides a new approach on how to communicate on the goodness of dairy in an open and connected world. The large variety of cultural habits, food patterns and points of view present in EMF member countries is an asset. It leads to innovative ideas and insights: we constantly take inspiration from each other.”

CNIEL, French Dairy Inter-branch Organisation






NDC, the National Dairy Council


The Netherlands

NZO, Dutch Dairy Association


Northern Ireland

DCNI, the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland



Norwegian Dairy Council


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