19 April 2018 - 11:00

Microbiota and bone health


During the World Congress on Osteoporosis, held in Krakow from 19th to 21st April, EMF sponsored a session in the official programme, dedicated to the role of nutrition and exercise on sarcopenia. The research of the working groups on sarcopenia was an opportunity for Prof. Reginster (Congress President) to underline the importance of milk and dairy in terms of prevention and treatment of the disease. Over 250 health professionals were present at the symposium.

In parallel, Prof. Rizzoli (Geneva, Switzerland) gave a talk on a growing topic: intestinal microbiota or flora. This included a new element that caught the attention of many: the relationship between microbiota and bone health. Prof. Rizzoli’s presentation provided an opportunity to discuss the emerging research on this innovative and promising subject. The role of foods as vectors of prevention or treatment was broached and helped bring fermented dairy (yoghurt, fermented milk, cheese) to the fore as sources of probiotics which are natural, accessible and varied, in order to balance microbiota and have an impact on bone health.

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